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WealthMark LLC is a registered investment adviser based in Bellingham, Washington. Our firm focuses on global-macro, balanced risk investing. We love what we do and take great pride in offering clients a unique array of services aimed at improving their financial journey.

How does it work?

WealthMark manages four separate strategies that are implemented through the Crucible Multi-Strategy Portfolio, DaVinci Fixed Income Portfolio, Galileo Enhanced Risk Neutral Portfolio, and the Phoenix Risk Neutral Portfolio. All of our strategies share a common root in that each portfolio is designed around a risk budget rather than a capital budget. We attempt to allocate equal units of risk to various potential economic outcomes, such as inflationary, deflationary, expansionary, recessionary, and fluctuating policy environments. Firm research shows this methodology has increased portfolio returns and reduced overall volatility on a historical basis.

Most investment managers allocate capital based on return targets. Although this might sound like a reasonable goal, no investor can force markets to meet specified return targets. We invest based on risk exposures and our client’s unique financial goals. By allocating capital across targeted levels of risk, our portfolios consistently outperform industry benchmarks, leaving individual asset performance to fluctuate with market forces. In effect, this greatly enhances the overall portfolio’s return per unit of risk.

What's offered?

The Crucible Multi-Strategy Portfolio utilizes a dynamic combination of seven different strategies based on market conditions and economic cycles. Each strategy provides unique characteristics that have been shown to add value over long periods of time, generating strong returns per unit of risk. The Crucible Portfolio is only available with performance based pricing to qualified investors.

WealthMark’s DaVinci Fixed Income Portfolio seeks to provide results that exceed traditional balanced bond strategies through a hybrid risk model pairing risks with offsetting sectors and changes in the larger economic environment.

The Galileo Enhanced Risk Neutral Portfolio builds upon the risk-balanced approach by applying a hybrid macroeconomic tilt to risk paired assets in attempt to achieve greater returns across market cycles.

WealthMark’s Phoenix Risk Neutral Portfolio seeks to provide results that exceed traditional balanced risk strategies through a hybrid risk model pairing risks with offsetting assets and changes in the larger economic environment.

Our firm is committed to giving back to the global community through the microfinancing site Kiva.


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Services offered range from portfolio management to estate and tax planning. Check out the list below to gather a better understanding of what we are capable of delivering.

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